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«Bootcamp Part 1 - The Basics»

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«Bootcamp Part 1 - The Basics»


Background Information: To assist new players to GGO, and how things work, a bootcamp of sorts has been added to the game. The purpose of this is to train new players on basic skills needed to play and survive GGO. The bootcamp is led by an NPC that goes by the name of <Lt. Blackstone>. Blackstone looks and acts like any other drill sergeant that you would know. You’ll find him at the bootcamp known as F.O.B Scorpion, which is a little bit outside of SBC Glocken.

Description: For the first part of your training at bootcamp, you'll be taught the basics of combat, such as learning about, and firing live weapons. Let's hope there isn't any accidents…


Must have done a total of at least 5 posts
Maximum Party size of 2
Cannot take this mission if higher than level 10, or if you have done this mission before
Must complete all primary objectives before completing the thread.
Players doing this quest cannot have their thread invaded

Quest Location: The Wasteland

Primary Objectives

1. Must RP making your way to F.O.B Scorpion from SBC Glocken

2. Must meet up with <Lt. Blackstone> in F.O.B Scorpion, and have him take you to the shooting range

3. Must destroy 2 targets at different ranges: short and medium range (If in a party, each must succeed on their own task list [e.g. each must destroy 2 <Training Targets>])

Secondary Objectives

1. Destroy 1 target at long range

Rewards - Primary Objectives

- 2 Skill Points
- 500 Credits
- 2 extra magazines of pistol ammunition of your choice (must be submitted to Evaluation for review)

Rewards - Secondary Objectives

- 500 Credits
- 1 extra magazine of pistol ammunition of your choice (must be submitted to Evaluation for review)

<Training Targets> Stats

HP: 20
DMG: 0
ACC: 0
EVA: 0
Special: <Training Targets> Cannot be looted

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