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Aquirs - Newbie

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Username: Aquirs
Real name: Ami Sarasvati
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 155 cm - 5'0 ft

Appearance: Aquirs is a very petite girl, and very short to boot. She has a round face with a bit of baby fat clinging on the edges, and big body proportions and an hourglass shape. Her skin is porcelain, her hair is a straight black with her bangs parted to the right and the length going past her shoulders. Her avatar was blue eyes that are a mix of azure and dark blue, as well as having two beauty marks below the outer corners of each eye. She wears a black, long-sleeved shirt, black pants and black walking boots when she's in a safe zone. When outside, she wears a form-fitting Kevlar vest, black cargo pants and combat boots. All of them black, and her bangs are held back by black clips. She also wears black fingerless gloves for better grip.   

About: The eldest daughter of a family of six, often taking the role of head of the household due to her parents traveling abroad for work purposes. As such, she developed a responsible, motherly persona to help her combat the frustrations that came with dealing with three siblings. When her parents weren't around she was excused from school (which happened very often) and took online courses instead. Causing her to become an absolute mess of a socialist when dealing with other people.

To help her wilting confidence (and wanting to spend some time with his sister), her little brother introduced her to Gale Gun Online, where he played with friends. Originally skeptical, she hopped on broad with the idea after understanding the appeal of VRMMORPGs. However, the idea faded from her mind fast, and it wasn't until months later when she watch an interview with someone from GGO did she remember the idea. Then she forgot about it again when she got distracted by another video. After another week she had enough of her own poor memory, and deciding not to put it off any longer, she brought out her AmuSphere and dived in. 


Kind: Aquirs often goes out of her way to help anyone in need. Even when said person asks that she jump off a cliff. Must be her big-sister instincts trying to mother everyone to her will. 

Responsible: She was often left in charge of her entire household. Making her very aware of needs, wants and budgets. As well as the well being of those around her. Aquirs herself is quite ignorant of this fact, believing herself to be lazy,  despite it being shoved in her face.

Good At Multitasking: She could cook, talk on the phone, and mop her kitchen all at the same time. Carrying a baby in one arm and making a bottle of milk in the other is a piece of cake for her. Aquirs herself finds her own work a bit creepy sometimes.


Clumsy: Due to almost never getting out of the house, as well as inherited genes, Aquirs trips at least twice a day. As well as getting injured often in places she can't quite explain. She is resigned to the fact that she'll never run a marathon without tripping over her own feet.

Forgetful: Aquirs often forgets a lot of things in rapid succession. One time even forgetting that she was holding something in her hand, and only becoming known to its presence when she was twenty minutes away from her house. She tried a lot of ways to curb her bad memory (lists, memos, etc.), but ends up forgetting about it anyways.

Emotionally Sensitive: Aquirs doesn't get out a lot, and that becomes apparent when she interacts with someone far longer than normal. Frustration is enough to make her cry. Happiness is closer to hysteria. And her all around shy nature makes it near impossible to have a long-term conversation with her. However, once you wormed your way into her heart (a very easy feat all things considered), she will show her true personality. A king, caring person who will mother you to death and also point out all of your flaws in the bluntest way possible. Emotional and social grace of a flying brick, this one is.

Profession: N/A

» Stats (Total): 

» Health: 240 | Level: 1 | Adventure Points: 5 | Skill Points: 5 | Credits: 200
» AGI: 2/20 [No enhancements]
» VIT: 1/20 [No enhancements]
» DEX: 0/20 [No enhancements]
» STR: 1/20 [No enhancements]
» LUC: 1/20 [No enhancements]
» SEN: 0/20 [No enhancements]

»  Concealment Rank 1 | 5/50



Weapon skills:

» Glock 19 - 

Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
Magazine Capacity: 15 rounds
Weight: 855g

Stat Requirements: None
Damage (Ballistic): 15
Firing Mode: Single Fire
Shots Per Post: 3

Close Range: +1BD
Mid Range: -3BD
Long Range: -10BD

9x19mm Parabellum Magazines - 1 clip

Edited by Aquirs

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