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«Learning a Craft»

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«Learning a Craft»

Background Information: In order for players to do well in GGO, they need to have a steady income of Credits. Some go and hunt monsters and players alike, some participate in tournaments like the Bullet of Bullets tournament. For others, they may earn a living and take up a profession.

Description: During your search for a profession you will enter the craftsman’s hall. It’s a closed area within the SBC Glocken that houses all the profession instructors. You will find one instructor for each profession there is to choose from and by talking to them, you can learn about the different professions. Once you have decided which way you want to go, your instructor has a mission for you. 

You will have to material hunt, for this purpose, you have to leave the SBC Glocken and either hunt some mobs (drops according to the loot section in the tutorial) or search for them without fighting (according to non combat gathering in the tutorial). Then you’ll have to craft your first Item (LD 51-100) to receive a free basic item from the NPC (such as the tools and workbench for your profession). You will not keep the crafted and gathered items!
 Profession options and guides can be found here. Each profession's enhancements guide can be found here.

Profession Instructors

John Black <<The Gunsmith>>  - An old and sturdy man, with a balding head and a white, messy beard
Josephine Saphire 
<<The Weapon Technician>> - A beautiful, young woman who acts a little erratic and fidgety, may be mad.
Brenda Steel 
<<The Armorsmith>> - A middle aged, well-build woman sporting an eye patch.
Gerhard Lader 
<<Ammunition Manufacturer>> - An aged man with a thin build and a German Accent.
<<Techsmith>> - A mysterious individual sporting a black, billowing cloak which hides his face, whose tone is distorted.
Douglas Heads 
<<The Appraiser>> - A sharp dressing man, wearing a suit and a fedora.


Must have done a total of at least 10 posts
RP can be OP or SP
You may have assistance, however only one player may gain their profession and the materials rolled for at the end by a Moderator
Repeatable for Materials only (
<<Standard>> rarity)
Must complete all mission objectives before completing the thread.
Players doing this quest cannot have their thread invaded

Primary Objectives

1. Pay the craftsman's hall a visit and talk to the profession instructors.
2. Gather and Craft an item
3. Return to your teacher to gain your free tools

Rewards - Primary Objectives

1 SP
- <<Standard>> rarity materials (Rolled by GM or PST equal to LD / 10 rounded to nearest whole number upon topic completion)
- A title relating to your profession
- The ability to open up a shop in the Merchants and Shop area (No price, just create a thread)

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