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«Finding a Friend»

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«Finding a Friend»

Background Information: Villagers in a small town in the Wasteland have called for players to investigate what is described as 'strange activity' at a nearby, abandoned warehouse. They are reporting strange sounds from the warehouse and are growing suspicious by the day, fearing it may be bandits or something worse, something that could potentially destroy their village.

Description: You've been asked to investigate a warehouse for the locals of a nearby village for any suspicious activity. Find the source of the strange noises and activity, and report back to the villagers with your findings.


Must have done a total of at least 24 posts/1 page
Recommended Level: Any
Must complete all mission objectives before completing the thread.
Players doing this quest cannot have their thread invaded
This quest cannot be repeated unless your companion is dead or retired

The companion acquired can either be an automaton or a creature. The companion cannot be any larger than a large dog if an animal, or larger than you if an automaton. The tamed monster must also be logically tamed, and as such most humanoid monsters will not be tamable. Staff reserves the right to deny certain types of companions. If you're worried that your familiar may not be approved before searching for it, please PM a member of Staff.

Quest Location: The Wasteland

Primary Objectives

1. Investigate the warehouse where there are reports of something inside

2. Get a companion (optional)

Rewards - Primary Objectives

- 1 Skill Point
- <<Friend of (Companion Name)>> Title
- A companion (Possibly, see below.)

Companion Results

When feeding a companion, you have one chance to tame a companion every 15 posts. That means you may only roll the loot die for the companion on the fifteenth post. If you don't want a companion that you tamed without buffs, you may kill it and continue searching. Use the loot die (LD) to see if you do. Companions may only be attempted to be found in intervals of 15 posts of the attempting player.

LD Roll


LD <70

Failure: Nothing is found or the taming attempt is unsuccessful.

LD 71 - 90

Success: Companion is found and may be successfully tamed.

LD >91

Success!: Companion is found and successfully befriended. Player may choose an extra skill from the Companion Enhancements, submitted for approval via the Evaluations forum.

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