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«Search or Destroy»

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«Search or Destroy»

Background Information: Bandits have been raiding small villages, taking whatever supplies they have. Some villagers are desperate, asking that you make sure the supplies are returned at all costs. However, some of the more spiteful and vengeful villagers are demanding that the supplies are destroyed, along with every bandit, denying any more bandits from taking anything. Returning the supplies may yield more work in the future, but destroying the supplies and the bandits will be rewarded handsomely.

Description: You have been tasked with locating stolen supplies, taken by bandits from local villages. The choice is yours to either search for the supplies, or destroy them.


Must have done a total of at least 24 posts/1 page
Recommended Level: 5+
Must complete all primary objectives before completing the thread.
Players doing this quest cannot have their thread invaded

Quest Location: The Wasteland

Primary Objectives

1. Must RP being told by both the desperate villagers and the spiteful villagers of the situation, the desperate villagers asking you to return the supplies and the spiteful villagers asking you to destroy the supplies.

2.  Must RP travelling to the abandoned city where the bandits have hidden the caches, takes a couple of hours to get there from the village

3. Must successfully locate the 3 supply caches (LD 60+) (These caches CANNOT be looted)

4. Must kill the bandits guarding each supply caches (x * 5 <Bandit> per cache, x being the number of players. Caches and bandits start at Position 0, Players start at either Position 2 or -2.)

5a - Search. Tag the supplies (done through RP) for the desperate villagers so they are able to find and retrieve their supplies. After tagging all supplies, return to the village to deliver the news to the desperate villagers.

5b - Destroy. Destroy the supplies (done through RP) to please the vengeful villagers. After destroying at least one of the supplies, return to the village to deliver the news to the vengeful villagers.

Rewards - Search
- 1 Skill Point
- 500 Credits
- Access to <<A Dark Secret>> quest.

Rewards - Destroy
- 2 Skill Points
- 700 Credits
- A Choice of either 1 
<<Specialised>> Armor Plates (Consumable) OR 1 <<Specialised>> Med-Pack (Consumable)

<Bandit> Stats
HP: 50
DMG: 40

ACC: +0 at Close Range, -3 at Medium Range, - 10 at Long Range
EVA: 0
MIT: 15

Special Rules: Targets closest player with highest hate. Spends every turn moving until it is in close range of target, and then they attack.

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