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  1. Disclaimer: This is a pre-alpha version of a attempt to emulate the 'Underworld' Virtual Reality world into a viable text-based roleplay forum. Based on Reki Kawahara's 4th Arc of the original SAO Light Novels Vol. 9-18 as well as the animated adaptation SAO III . While it will be heavily based on the source material, there will be discrepancies between the author's original 'world' and our interpretation. This thread(and forum section) will contain a large amount of spoilers regarding to the Alicization Arc. For testing purposes, there will only be permitted the creation of Artificial Fluctlight characters and little to no information about the 'Real World' would be revealed. (details TBA at later date) For system beta testing, only the Human Empire will be developed. The Dark Territories (information and game mechanics associated to them), complete background and full game/roleplay mechanics, to be added on a later date; after the beta test ends. As this is still a pre-alpha build, the page format and information contained in this thread and in the forum section overall, will undergo volatile changes until a stable version will be reached; hopefully a beta test will be launched shortly after. Make sure to frequently check for updates/changes. Welcome to the Underworld! This thread covers basic IC (in-character) details that players need to know and abide by. Table of content: Mythology: The genesis of the world and its deities, according to the Axiom Church/popular belief (folklore). History: Basic knowledge of history that all citizens of the Underworld Human Empire are taught. Society: The ruling system present in the Underworld's Human Empire and its intricacies: Geography: Description of how the Underworld Human Empire is divided (and associated laws) and its settlements (and their associated laws). Feudal Systems: The social hierarchies present in the Human Empire. <Taboo Index> and other law systems <Sacred Task> 'Job' assigned to every citizen in the Human Empire. <Secret Art Finishing Moves> Swordsmanship in the Human Empire. <Sacred Arts> "Magic" in the Human Empire. <Four Empires Unity Tournament> and individual tournaments. <Integrity Knights> Miscellaneous: Language, Calendar, Naming etc. etc:
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