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    Profile Username: Art3m1s Real name: Morgan Langley Age: 17 Gender: Male (Real Life)/Female (In Game) Height: 5'7" About: The youngest of five, Morgan Langley was the son of Adam Langley and Yui Fujiwara. His father was the CEO of a fledgling biotechnology company that was based in Tokyo, Japan and his mother served in the Japanese Special Assault Team. The rest of his siblings were sisters called Elaine, Maya, Ayumi, and Kasumi. Morgan didn't have it easy growing up. His parents would be at work; his father managing his company and the mother would be on duty with the SAT doing counter terrorist stuff. The eldest sister was an idol and the second eldest got into acting, so they weren't around a lot. He only ever saw them over video chat. Ayumi and Kasumi were in school as well. This meant he was left alone most of the time so he had to grow up fast. He went to school and was the second smartest kid in class. Eventually he would discover the wonderful world of video games. Eventually, his rather ordinary life was coming to a close when he was 14. His sister, Elaine, came home for a week long vacation after doing idol work. One day she wanted to go to Akihabara to pick some stuff and Morgan went along with her. It was his first visit to the otaku capital. The car was rammed into by a black, unmarked vehicle which caused the former to crash. Morgan survived, but his sister didn't. After Morgan recovered in the hospital, he accompanied his family to Elaine's funeral. A few months later, Maya introduced him to a game called Gun Gale Online seeing as he was a fan of first person shooters and massively multiplayer online games. Virtues: (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Flaws: (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) » Stats (Total): » Health: 200 | Level: - | Adventure Points: - | Skill Points: - » AGI: 0/20 [No enhancements] » VIT: 0/20 [No enhancements] » DEX: 0/20 [No enhancements] » STR: 0/20 [No enhancements] » LUC: 0/20 [No enhancements] » SEN: 0/20 [No enhancements] Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)
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