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  1. History Early Stages In recorded history, it is written that some time after the world genesis, first humans appeared in the world by the grace of the gods. In time their numbers grew extremely fast as the gods blessed them with intelligence so that they would have little difficulty surviving in this world; man learned to hunt, farm the land and craft. Pleased with their creation's progress, they taught humankind the proper way of living by providing an extensive list of forbidden actions. Thus humanity prospered over time and extended its reach to what now is known as the Human Empire. It is believed that the empire's capital: Centoria, is the birthplace of all humanity. From there, in time, brave individuals guided by the deities set off towards unknown remote regions where they founded new settlements, like Zakkaria and Rulid Village and thus acquired new land to cultivate for themselves. This expansionist quest lasted until people reached what is now called Mountain Range at the Edge or World Edge. In their explorations, people stumbled upon several apparently unsolvable obstacles throughout the human empire, that hindered them: a large tree that seem imposible to take down, a river stream that could not be crossed, a large boulder that blunted even the sharpest cutting tools, etc. Having nowhere to go humanity organized itself under the guidance of not the deities themselves but people they've chosen worthy to represent their will. These individual blessed by the gods were proficient at using Sacred Arts and showed humankind new rituals and ways that people could put them to use in everyday life. It it not known when exactly but a shrine in form of a large marble spire was erected in the center of Centoria, over the years new layers would be added and it would be known as the Central Cathedral. That marked the beginning of the Axiom Church and its ruler would take up the tittle of Administrator of the Human Empire. Walls were raised to delimit the emerging four kingdoms inside the empire, each developing its unique customs, traditions and ruling system. A Senate was formed with high class members from each kingdom. They, alongside the Integrity Knights, reside in the Central Cathedral from where they delegate the Church's orders throughout the empire. Sometime after, the foundation of the Sword Mastery Academy was set. Studying swordsmanship at this academy is the aspiration of all people with military-oriented <Sacred Tasks> and not only. Nobles throughout the empire send their children here to train here in order to gain a reputation for themselves while the common people dream to attend the school in order to either rise their social status or join the Integrity Knights. Through the Senate and the Integrity Knights, the Church was able to maintain its rule over the Human Empire for years on, and its doing so even now. These days, common folk don't really know or care about the existence of the Administrator as they barely made any public appearance in the last years. The Integrity Knights are the public figures of the Church.
  2. Mythology World Genesis The story told by the Axiom Church, that got adopted as the absolute truth by the Human Empire residents, begins like so: There are at least four main Deities and a minor deity in the pantheon and they don't bare any kind of familiar relationship one with another. The Deity of Creation Stacia - representing life and creation. Legends say they rule over all animate and inanimate objects in the form of Life or <Durability>. It is believed those who pass away are summoned back by Stacia. Marriages in the Human Empire are pledged to Stacia, who blesses the couple and allows them to have children. The Sun Deity Solus - sharing the same name as the Underworld's brightest star. It is believed that Solus blesses the world in form of its sunrays that increase the surrounding Sacred Power. However its blessings diminish over night when Solus no longer watches over the land. The Land Deity Terraria - the deity of the land that provides blessings to plants and is the patron of metalworkers and craftsmen. It is said that through the earth spreads Sacred Power as its blessing but this source of power is limited in cities and above ground. The Darkness Deity Vecta - the ruler of the Dark Territory and the only god worshiped there. Deity known for its mischief as it is known that it pulls pranks on humans in forms of disease and famine or kidnapping people and stealing their memories. The Moon Deity Lunaria - said to control the dreams of Underworld's residents and watch over them in the night.
  3. Disclaimer: This is a pre-alpha version of a attempt to emulate the 'Underworld' Virtual Reality world into a viable text-based roleplay forum. Based on Reki Kawahara's 4th Arc of the original SAO Light Novels Vol. 9-18 as well as the animated adaptation SAO III . While it will be heavily based on the source material, there will be discrepancies between the author's original 'world' and our interpretation. This thread(and forum section) will contain a large amount of spoilers regarding to the Alicization Arc. For testing purposes, there will only be permitted the creation of Artificial Fluctlight characters and little to no information about the 'Real World' would be revealed. (details TBA at later date) For system beta testing, only the Human Empire will be developed. The Dark Territories (information and game mechanics associated to them), complete background and full game/roleplay mechanics, to be added on a later date; after the beta test ends. As this is still a pre-alpha build, the page format and information contained in this thread and in the forum section overall, will undergo volatile changes until a stable version will be reached; hopefully a beta test will be launched shortly after. Make sure to frequently check for updates/changes. Welcome to the Underworld! This thread covers basic IC (in-character) details that players need to know and abide by. Table of content: Mythology: The genesis of the world and its deities, according to the Axiom Church/popular belief (folklore). History: Basic knowledge of history that all citizens of the Underworld Human Empire are taught. Society: The ruling system present in the Underworld's Human Empire and its intricacies: Geography: Description of how the Underworld Human Empire is divided (and associated laws) and its settlements (and their associated laws). Feudal Systems: The social hierarchies present in the Human Empire. <Taboo Index> and other law systems <Sacred Task> 'Job' assigned to every citizen in the Human Empire. <Secret Art Finishing Moves> Swordsmanship in the Human Empire. <Sacred Arts> "Magic" in the Human Empire. <Four Empires Unity Tournament> and individual tournaments. <Integrity Knights> Miscellaneous: Language, Calendar, Naming etc. etc:
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