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    P R O F I L E Username: Narnia Real name: Mentina Cho Nationality: American-Japanese Age: 19 Gender: Female Height: 5'6" B I O Mentina’s story starts in a little remote town in Japan, the type where everyone knew everyone so outsiders were quite obvious. This would be how her parents met each other, with her Dad being the adventurous American that stumbled there. He had come across her in the street when they bumped into each other, and after that the rest was history. They would then go on to have two children, with them being 4 years apart. Mentina would be the second one, her name coming from the Italian word for Clementine, “Clementina”. Growing up, Mentina had a stricter life than most. Her father was ex-military so he tried to instill his values into his family, though he wasn't very adamant about it so to Mentina and her brother they were just like house rules. Every year they would visit their family in the states and go hunting, this would later fuel her reasoning for getting into GGO. Her brother was the person who got her into gaming though shooters appealed to her the most. While she did play MMOs with him as a sort of bonding, shooters were what she had a knack for. Eventually, her brother got a copy of SAO, leaving her behind. Luckily, he was one of the few players to get out, though he lost his spark for VRMMOs. In the time he was stuck, however, Mentina had hit pro level in terms of skills for shooters, though never actually went pro. Knowing that his little sister had some potential, he recommended her to GGO, something a bit more tactical than she was used too, though the experience might be something she enjoyed. V I R T U E S Passionate - Game are her passion, so when she's in them she tries to give it her all. Most around Narnia could tell that she takes the game seriously, perhaps a bit too seriously. This virtue shows when Narnia tries to do crafty things in game, attempting to loophole something or another. Trusting - While Narnia has a very solo-player-like personality, she in reality really enjoys playing with other people. With that in mind, she's quick to trust players a few moments after meeting them. While she isn't super friendly to them (she's not super friendly with anybody), Narnia does allow herself to let her guard down after trusting someone, whether it be for better or worse. (Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) F L A W S Disloyal - Narnia has never been one who's keen on working together with random people, and even then she has issues trusting people. When it comes to fighting against others or just being in a group in general, Narnia is, for the most part, obedient. She doesn't go out of her way to antagonize her leader though she is definitely the first one to abandon them if things get hairy, the plan goes wrong, or if in general they are losing pretty badly. Narnia is a woman of little faith and little hope. Narcissistic - Though she has a good history of being higher than average at shooters, Narnia has let this label get to her head. She doesn't view herself as being better than those that she plays with, though she does like to mention her skill if given the chance to. This also fuels her competitiveness, her belief in her skill being the main reason she does any form of PVP or title claiming. (Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.) Profession: --- S T A T S » Health: 200 | Level: 1 | Adventure Points: - | Skill Points: 5 » AGI: 0/20 [No enhancements] » VIT: 0/20 [No enhancements] » DEX: 0/20 [No enhancements] » STR: 0/20 [No enhancements] » LUC: 0/20 [No enhancements] » SEN: 0/20 [No enhancements] S K I L L S Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Pistols | Rank 1 I N V E N T O R Y Weapons/Tools: » R O L E P L A Y S » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)
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