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The World Seed



  1. Lore & Rules

    This section contains the background story of the Underworld that its residents NEED to know and the set of rules that MUST be read and followed. Basic knowledge needed before and after starting to roleplay.

  2. Human Empire

    The place where the humans ( referred as 'ium' by the other species from the «Dark Territory») live in the Underworld. It's a perfect circle with a diameter that measures around 1500 kilometers/ aprox. 1000 miles. The Human Empire is bordered by the Mountain Range at the Edge and connects to the «Dark Territory» via the «North Cave», «East Gate», «South Corridor» and «West Gorge».

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  3. Dark Territory

    The largest territory of the two, said to be the land of demons; it houses the different species of humans and demi-humans. It is situated at the other end of the Mountain Range at the Edge but it practically surrounds the «Human Empire» from all sides.

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