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The World Seed

Gun Gale Online


  1. Tutorials

    The starting point, A list of everything you need to know about GGO and how to use this sight

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  2. SBC Glocken

    SBC being short for Space Battle Ship, is the main capital of Gun Gale Online.

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  3. Wasteland

    PvP is most of what you will see, training for the Bob or just hunting for loot, you never know what you will find… or what will find you.

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  4. Evaluations

    Post all necessary descriptions and items needed to have evaluation here

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  5. Armory/Market

    A place for people to buy Gear and run shops

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  6. LockerRoom

    A place for new players to make a character journals and add descriptive fluff. Also a place to keep track of progression. (Basically SAO journals)

  7. Bullet of Bullets

    A Battle ground for hardened veterans to engage in glorious combat for large sums of money  

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